English Tea Scones

Dere Street is a manufacturer and purveyor of Fine British scones, biscuits, shortbread and Sicilian almond cookies (paste di mandorle biscotti).

Our all natural premium products are made from scratch using the finest pure ingredients available such as Madagascar vanilla, Korintji cinnamon, Guittard chocolate and Australian ginger.  The high quality of ingredients and care that is taken with each batch ensures a moist, rich, flavour intense scone, shortbread and cookie.  We use NO hydrogenated oils, NO preservatives, NO additives, NO high fructose corn syrup and are Trans Fat Free.  Nothing Artificial...ever!

Dere Street has its roots in Roman Britain and so we bring to you the very best traditions of Britain and Italy.  Our shortbread and cookies are hand made and our scones and biscuits are cut in the traditional round manner.  Add to those old world traditions, exotic herbs and spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and you will see how our products have been enriched by the bounties of our lands.  We invite you to experience a sweet slice of Europe without even "crossing the Pond."