Loaf Cakes

Perfect partner to your cup of tea or coffee.

Dere Street Pound Cakes

Dere Street “all butter loaf cakes” are a perfect partner to your cup of tea or coffee. Bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family with Dere Street’s all natural, all butter loaf cakes. They will leave your senses craving for more with every bite. Finally, a loaf cake that is natural, moist, light, airy, and delicious! It’s difficult to not demolish the whole cake in one sitting. No more artificial ingredient after taste, just pure, all natural delight in every bite!

Our loaf cakes are available two ways. Retail ready in clam shell containers. Simply thaw and display. Non-retail, ready for you to remove from the case and place in your own retail package. For food-service, simply remove, thaw and slice to your specifications.