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Bakewell Tart

The buttery shortbread crust holds a moist almond filling made with pure almond flour and has a layer of raspberry preserves tucked underneath. Topped with slivered almonds, this is an elegant, rich and addictive dessert. Steeped in a rich history dating back to England in the early 1900’s, this Dere Street Bakewell Tart is a stellar representation of the original, and is sure to be one of your favourite new desserts. Perhaps Britain’s greatest culinary contribution to the dessert table, this traditional tart is delicious beyond belief. Best served with tea, a la mode, or with English custard (Crème Anglaise).

Polenta Cake

For your tea time or dessert pleasure, this moist and delicious dessert cake is available in two avors, orange and lemon. The moistness of this cake comes from the flavorsome grittiness of the polenta and the tender rubble of the almond flour. The orange or lemon highlight the eggy butteriness of the cake, making it rich and sharp at the same time. While it’s tempting to slice and eat a delicious hand held piece of this cake, it is best eaten with a fork and spoon accompanied by a scoop of ice cream of your choosing or lemon or orange sorbet. Add some pistachio or hazelnuts, orange segments and a mint leaf for a delicious and decorative finishing touch.



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One of our top-selling items, the Bakewell tart is an incredibly delectable item you've got to try!