Muffins (Pre-Deposited)

Moist & Delicious, All-Natural, Premium, Quality Pre-Deposited Muffin Batter


Ready to Bake

Serve our muffins hot and fresh when you want, where you want. Frozen shipped to you. No proofing required. 


Quality Ingredients

Our ingredients are second to none which makes the quality of the product one we're proud to distribute!



A unique variety of delicious muffin batter includes vegan options as well! 

Pre-Deposited Muffins

With each tasty mouthful, you'll experience the difference between Dere Street's All-Natural Muffins and typical muffins on the market today. Lighter in texture and richer in flavour, these muffins exude the high quality ingredients with which they are made.

You can now offer your customers a superior all natural muffin line, ready to bake in pre-deposited 5.5oz baking cups. Simply open the box, remove the shrink wrap and place each cup in your own muffin pans.

No processed ingredients, no artificial flavours or preservatives.