From The Beginning

The company was founded in 2004 by David and Robin Cooper and like most small businesses; it was started at home. Working out of the kitchen, the Cooper's peddled their scones  to small bakeries in Fairfield County, CT. They were well received to say the least! Why? Because they made their products the way they are truly meant to be, flavorful and all natural. Add to that a flare for incorporating exotic ingredients, bountiful fruits from the Northwest and Northeast coasts of the US and fresh herbs and spices from around the world. From small bakeries in Fairfield County (who we still service today!) to national chains across America - Dere Street wants to ensure every bite is memorable.



Making certain every bite is a memorable one.

Who We are

The story of Dere Street is savory and sweet. In 1999 while spending a two week holiday at Botelet, a 17th century Manor Cottage in Cornwall, England, David Cooper, his wife Robin and their three children got to experience the richness of life in the English countryside while enjoying the comfort foods of David’s native England. Call it a mid-life crisis or perhaps fate, those two weeks would change the Cooper’s future. David had been looking for a new direction and had found it, turning his passion for food and baking into a great family business.

All Natural Ingredients

At Dere Street our ever expanding product line will remain true to our belief that the food we eat should always be made using only the finest all natural ingredients.

Customer Satisfaction

We measure success by our ability to produce high quality products in a pleasant work environment, realizing that our workers are our greatest asset and that satisfied customers are the key to our success.

Community Responsibility

Success in turn leads to profitability which enables us to reward our employees and to partner with charitable organizations to “give back” to our global community.

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