Drop Scones

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Ready to Bake

Serve our products fresh when you want, where you want. When we ship them to you - they're all ready to pop in the oven - no proofing required!


All Natural

We're an all clean house and use the best of ingredients in all of our products. We add no preservatives. You deserve that!


Freezer to Oven

We recognize freezer space is tight - so we try and keep our boxes compact for your team to store comfortably in your freezers.

Dere Street Scones

All scones are made in small batches using premium all-natural ingredients, real butter and cream, unbleached, unbromated flour, fresh fruit zests, exotic spices and native fruits and vegetables. We never use artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. All of our products are trans-fat free.

Drop Scones

A different shape and larger in size than its British cousin, these irresistable 4 oz and 5 oz scones have a rustic look and are filled with flavour. These are made for retail and the savoury biscuits make wonderful sandwiches.