Dare To Be Different!

Pudding/Dessert Variety

Who doesn’t want to eat a scrumptious Dere Street English pudding? The answer to that is simple, “everyone does”.

Each dessert pudding has its own distinctive sauce and may be eaten as is or by adding your own finishing touch for a simple yet elegant dessert. These are served warm and eaten year round. Yes, even in the height of summer our Sticky Toffee pudding is a customer favourite.

Choose from a variety of puddings, each having its own distinct combination of flavours and textures that create a heavenly dessert experience. Why serve the same chocolate larvae cake that every restaurant serves? Dare to be different and serve delicious Dere Street puddings!

Packed 30 to a case, each dessert comes in its own microwave and oven friendly container. Simply re-heat and serve.

Panettone Bread Pudding

An eggy, silky custard bread pudding made with the finest panettone bread imported from Italy with a generous expanse of buttery, golden brown crispness on top. Available in 3 sizes. Individual puddings for restaurants and cafes, family size for retail and quarter sheet pan for food service. It’s easy to wow your customer base with this delicious dessert. Best served with crème anglaise or ice cream. For that extra special decorative touch, add a coupe of raspberries or strawberries and a mint leaf.


Food Service

Our puddings are perfect for your chef to claim as their own. Delicious flavors and quality taste.


Quality Ingredients

The ingredients we use are always natural ingredients. Your team will be proud to call their own!


Prepared Quickly

We know time is of essence. That's why we made these incredibly easy to prepare and serve.