Retail & Food Service

Top Quality Is Our Priority

Whether you're a large national retail chain, a regional store, an individual bakery or café, a resort or hotel, own a restaurant or a catering company, we know you simply want quality products to sell and serve to your customers.

From grab-and-go, to retail, to plating an incredible dessert - Dere Street can assist with all of your retail and food service needs. We do it by helping you tell the Dere Street story to captivate your customers so they recognize the quality of the product, using only the cleanest of ingredients.

Through this, your customers will understand the uniqueness of our products and the quality of the taste. We know they'll be asking for more!

Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Lunds & Byerlys, Shaws, Cumberland Farms and many other large format retail stores continue to be incredible partners of Dere Street's. We also work with hundreds of foodservice locations across the country.

We're committed to ensuring we keep these relationships and provide impactful products for our partners to share with their customers.