Sheeted Scones

Simply The Best!

Dere Street Scones

All Scones are made in small batches using premium all natural ingredients, real butter and cream, unbleached, unbromated flour, fresh fruit zests, exotic spices, and native fruits and vegetables. We never use artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup and all of our products are trans-fat free.

Traditional Sheeted Scones

Smaller in size to American style scones, the dough is sheeted and cut in the traditional round manner and is offered in 3.5 oz and 1.5 oz size. These scones are sold at retail and are perfect for the food service industry. In addition to our line of sheeted sweet scones, we have several savoury flavours, which are perfect for bread baskets, mini sandwich bites and pair really well with soup, stews and chili.


Ready to Bake

Serve our scones hot and fresh when you want, where you want. Frozen shipped to you.


All Natural

The ingredients we use are always natural ingredients you would find in your own home.


Various Sizes

Small and large packages are available. Order depending on your needs.