Tea Cakes

They're Not Scones. They're Not Cookies. They're Tea Cakes & They're Delicious!

Tea Cakes

Not to be confused with the traditional English light, sweet, yeast-based bread bun - Dere Street’s all natural line of tea cakes is a cross between a scone and a cookie. They are the perfect breakfast, afternoon or any time sweet treat. An affordable and delicious product that’s simple to bake. Crisp on the outside but soft in the middle, each bite is heavenly. This all natural product has a long shelf life after baking.


Ready to Bake

Serve our tea cakes hot and fresh when you want, where you want. They're packed frozen and shipped to you for baking off and serving. 


All Natural

The ingredients we use are always natural ingredients you would find in your own home.


Various Sizes

Not sure what to order? Reach out to our customer service team to allow us to help.